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A good book on the process of evangelism is The Master's Plan For Making Disciples by Win Arn and Charles Arn.  Recently updated and published by Baker Book House, you should be able to get it at your local religious book store.  It is also available directly from: Church Growth Incorporated, Box 541, Monrovia, CA 91017, Phone: 800-844-9286.  The web site is where there is also information on other books and materials.  Check into the Chuck Bradley videos.

Evangelism Through the Local Church by Michael Green, (published by Thomas Nelson).  A  comprehensive resource/reference (nearly 600 pages).

Michael Green, Who Is This Jesus, (Thomas Nelson).  A fine introduction, straight-forward and uncomplicated.

Michael Green, One To One  (Moorings, a division of Random House).  How to witness to a friend.

Michael Green's short book Evangelism Now and Then (InterVarsity Press) compares evangelism in the first century to now.  His book, Evangelism in the Early Church (Eerdmans) is a classic. How Shall We Reach Them, by Michael Green and Alister McGrath (Thomas Nelson) is also good.

Roland Allen is also good.  His three books are worth the search to find and read: 1. Missionary Methods, St. Paul's or Ours?,  2. The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church, and 3.  The Ministry of the Spirit  (Eerdmans).  Key chapters have been collected into The Compulsion of the Spirit edited by Paton and Long (Eerdmans).

Some popular books on friendship evangelism, with some ideas of merit are: Joseph C. Aldrich, Life-Style Evangelism (Multnomah), Joseph C. Aldrich, Gentle Pesuasion (Multnomah),  Arthur G. McPhee, Friendship Evangelism, (Zondervan), and Paul Little, How to Give Away Your Faith, (InterVarsity).  

Good resources such as When People Seek the Church by R. T. Gribbon, The Life Cycle of a Congregation by Martin Saarinen,  Making Your Church More Inviting by Roy Oswald, Transforming Congregations for the Future and More Than Numbers by Loren Mead,  and Entering the World of the Small Church by Anthony Pappas can be ordered from:  The Alban Institute, 4125 Nebraska Ave, N.W., Washington, DC 20016  or from Herald House. 

An exceptionally fine Alban Institute book is Corinne Ware's Discover Your Spiritual Type. A study of this book by a congregation can help them better understand and utilize the gifts of people that approach spirituality from the perspective of different spiritual types.

In addition to Entering the World of the Small Church from the Alban Institute, other good books on small congregations are Lyle Schaller's The Small Church is Different (Abingdon), Making the Small Church Effective by Carl Dudley (Abingdon), and Small Churches are the Right Size  by David R. Ray (Pilgrim Press).

Some dated and out of print books from the Community of Christ, still hae some excellent information in them.  Missionary Manual, (Herald House 1942), Pastoral Manual, (Herald House 1942), Maruice Draper, Methods of Evangelism, (Herald House 1953), The Church and Evangelism, the Report of the Clinic in Evangelism (Herald House 1941), Maurice Draper, Why I Belong (Herald House 1958).

Tex Sample's U.S. Lifestyles and Mainline Churches (Westminser/John Knox 1990) is an important look at what churches are doing as compared to a cultural map of America.

A good discount bookseller:  Christian Book Distributors,  PO Box 7000, Peabody, MA 01961-7000.   Phone 800-247-4784.   Web site: 

Standard disclaimer: The appearance of a book on this list does not mean an endorsement of all ideas in the book, just that it has enough ideas of merit.

October 22, 2004

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