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Treasures of the Restoration


Wallace B. Smith - Principles Vital to the Restoration Today. From notes taken at a presentation at the Southwest Region Gathering September 9, 1984.


    1. Our history unique to be remembered.

    2. The destiny and process of the Kingdom - Zion.

    3. The revelation of God revealed in many ways supremely through Jesus Christ.

    4. Our scriptures Inspired Version, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants.

    5. All persons are called according to the gifts of God unto them.

    6. All life must be viewed as a stewardship relationship with God.


Geoffrey Spencer Treasures of the Restoration.  Spontaneous answers to a question in a temple school class. January 25, 1983.


    1. Complete trust in an available, living God.

    2. Reality of Christ who is the source of salvation.

    3. Commonality of priesthood by calling, the priesthood of all believers.

    4. Principle of the unity of sacred and secular.

    5. Principle of stewardship  - the earth is sacred too.

    6. Spirit filled worship.

    7. Resurrection principle life is continually reborn.

    8. Principle of Zion the Kingdom of God is even now present to be expressed in daily life.

    9. Principle of justice.

    10. Ordinances.


Anthony Chvala-Smith "Core Values of the RLDS Church."   Presented at Vision 2000.


    1. The centrality of Christ.

    2. The fellowship of the saints.

    3. Our experience of the prophetic spirit.

    4. The transforming impulse (the "cause of Zion").

    5. The expectation of new things.


Roy A. Cheville "What Distinctives Count Today?" Saint's Herald, January 1, 1968.

(Article is pre-inclusive language.)


    1. God, the creating, sustaining, unifying source of all that is enduring.

    2. The universe of God, a creation ever in process with the material and spiritual viewed as phases of a single reality.

    3. Man a creation designed by God to become a self-managing person who will live the good life as he lines up with God in all fields of living.

    4. Jesus Christ, who came to earth to live on earth with man, to reveal to man the nature of God, the way of the good life.

    5. The Holy Spirit, the radiating personal presence of God, affording ministries that encourage in goodness, integrate the person, and enlighten in understanding love.

    6. The scriptures, the recorded words concerning God's relationship with man.

    7. Ordination, the consecration at the designation of God, of men who function in various offices of ministry.

    8. Revelation, the disclosing of God in multiple manifestations of his total personhood, in his diverse creative expressions.

    9. Sacraments, the ceremonial ministries instituted by Jesus Christ to develop disciples, covenant them with God, further communion with God.

    10. Zion, the manifestation of saintly community, of social gospel, here and now.

    11. Stewardship, man's accountability to God and to his fellowmen for all resources.

    12. Theology of history that looks to God's continuing functioning to express his purpose with periods and conditions of decline in achieving this purpose contingent upon man's response to God.

    13. Eschatology in which "last things" refer to a closing of a period or condition, rather than a closing out of God's creative operation.

    14. Worth of all persons with God and his people.

    15. Evangelism, the outreaching concern of disciples of Christ for the spiritual welfare of others.



October 22, 2004

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