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Acts II

Readings in The Acts of the Apostles - II

This is the second of two pages of readings Acts. Chapters 13 through 28 are primarily about how Paul spread the gospel through the Roman empire as far as Rome. It contains the stories of Paul's missionary journeys. Look for the "we sections" where Luke is writing about events to which he was an eye witness. Acts ends before Paul's trial in Rome. We do not know if Paul was executed on his first trip to Rome, or set free and executed later. Somescholars think Luke planned a sequel to Acts to finish the story. In just a few minutes a day, you can complete these reading in about four weeks.

The First Missionary Journey

13:1-12          Barnabas and Saul: called, go to Cyprus

13:13-52        Paul and Barnabas in Antioch of Pisidia

14:1-28          Iconium, Lystra, Derbe, and Syrian Antioch

The Great Jerusalem Conference

15:1-35          The Jerusalem Meeting and the "Letter"

The Second Missionary Journey

15:36-16:15    Paul and Barnabas separate

16:16-40        In prison in Philippi

17:1-15          Thessalonica and Berea

17:16-34        Athens

18:1-22          Corinth and Antioch

The Third Missionary Journey

18:22-28        Paul to Asia minor, Apollos to Corinth

19:1-20          Paul in Ephesus

19:21-41        Riot in Ephesus

20:1-16          Macedonia, Achaia, Troas

20:17-38         Farewell to the Elders of Ephesus

21:1-16 Paul   Travels to Jerusalem

Paul a Prisoner in Jerusalem, Ceasarea, and Rome

21:17-36        Paul visits James

21:37-22:29    Paul defends himself

22:30-23:11    Paul before the Council

23:12-35        Plot against Paul, sent to Felix

24:1-23          Paul before Felix

24:24-25:12    Paul before Felix and Drusilla, Appeals

25:13-27        Paul before Agrippa and Bernice

26:1-18          Paul tells of his conversion

26:19-32        Paul describes his ministry

27:1-12          Paul sails for Rome

27:13-44        Storm and Shipwreck

28:1-15          Malta to Rome

28:16-31        Paul in Rome

March 19, 2002

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