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Readings in the Gospel of Mark

Mark has traditionally been attributed to John Mark, son of Mary of Jerusalem, and a relative of Barnabas (Acts 12:12,25; Col. 4:10).  He accompanied Paul and Barnabas on part of the First Missionary Journey (Acts 13:5, 13). He might be the naked young man in Mark 14:52.  Early Christian tradition indicates the gospel of Mark is based on Mark's memories of the preaching of the apostle Peter.

The key word in Mark is "straightway" or "immediately." It is the gospel of action. Nineteen miracles recorded in Mark showJesus power: eight show his power over disease, five show his power over nature, four show his power over demons, and two show his power over death.

If you read one selection a day you will complete this list in about a month.

John the Baptist and Jesus' baptism 1:1-11

Demoniac healed 1:16-20

Leper healed 1:40-45

Man lowered through the roof 2:1-12

Twelve Ordained 3:14-19

Parable of the sower 4:1-20

Man of Gadara healed 5:1-17

Jairus' daughter, issue of blood 5:21-43

Twelve sent forth 6:7-13

John the Baptist killed 6:17-29

5,000 fed 6:34-44

Syrophoenician woman, deaf man 7:25-37

Blind man healed 8:22-26

Who is Jesus? 8:27-30

The Transfiguration 9:1-13

Possessed boy healed 9:14-29

Jesus blesses the young children 10:13-16

Jesus foretells his death 10:32-34

Bartimaeus healed 10:46-52

The Triumphal Entry 11:1-10

Forgiveness and Prayer 11:24-26

The Great Commandments 12:28-34

The Widow's Mite 12:41-44

Jesus foretells the future 13:1-37

The Passover and the Lord's Supper 14:12-25

In the Garden 14:32-42

The Betrayal 14:43-52

Mocking and Crucifixion 15:16-41

The Resurrection 16:1-8

Jesus' Appearances 16:9-20

References are to the common versions of the Bible. Versification in the Inspired Version will sometimes be different.

March 27, 2002

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