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These passages include some famous teachings as well as a few significant events. It was not easy to choose such a short list of passages from so many wonderful scriptures in the Book of Mormon. All references are from the Community of Christ (formerly known as RLDS) editions of the Book of Mormon. (In a few minutes a day you can read through this list in four or five weeks.)

1 Nephi 3:52-88       Nephi's vision

1 Nephi 3:184-189    A promise for our day

2 Nephi 12:55-74     God speaks to all nations

2 Nephi 13:20-30     Press forward in Christ

2 Nephi 14:11,12      Prayer

Jacob 2:32-37          Plural wives

Jacob 2:55-57          Lamanite families

Mosiah 1:93-107       The Coming of Christ

Mosiah 2:13-24        Believe in God . . .

Mosiah 2:25-36, 42   Raising children, The beggar

Mosiah 9:37-49        Baptism

Mosiah 11:159-169   An angel appears to the persecutors

Mosiah 11:179-188   Alma (the son of Alma) converted

Alma 15:52-61         O that I were an angel . . .

Alma 16:143-173      Alma on faith

Alma 16:218-222      Amulek on prayer

Alma 17:5-21           Alma writes to his son

Alma 19:42-59         Between death and resurrection

3 Nephi 5:1-17         Jesus appears

3 Nephi 5:21-28       Instruction on baptism

3 Nephi 8:6-11         The sick are healed

3 Nephi 8:12-26       Children blessed

3 Nephi 8:28-46       Communion served

3 Nephi 8:70-72       Power given to give the Holy Ghost

4 Nephi 1:1-21         Peace and prosperity

Ether 1:31-35          Serve the God of the land

Ether 1:69-81          The Brother of Jared sees the Lord

Ether 5:6-22            Moroni on faith

Moroni 2:1-3            Confirmation

Moroni 3:1-3            Ordination

Moroni 4:1-3            Serving the bread

Moroni 5:1-3            Serving the wine

Moroni 6:1-9            The life of the church

Moroni 7:26-44         Mormon on faith

Moroni 8:8-29          Little children and baptism

Moroni 10:4-13         Gifts of God

Moroni 10:29-31       An invitation

March 19, 2002

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