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Prepare for an interesting set of readings from the Doctrine and Covenants. The first group of readings included passages ranging from the theological and philosophical to practical statements on church function. This list will again be highly varied, but the mix includes more texts dealing with the ministry of the Holy Spirit and issues of Eschatology (the doctrine of last things). You may find these selections informative, inspirational, challenging, sometimes puzzling, and perhaps - in a few places - annoying. All references are from the Community of Christ (RLDS) editions. (In a few minutes a day you can read all of the passages on this page in four or five weeks.)

2:1-2          God doth not walk in crooked paths

3:14-16      True points of my doctrine

7:1-3         John the Beloved

9:3            Study it out in your mind

10:6-7        Recognizing the Holy Spirit

12:1-4        A great and marvelous work

16:1-3        Rely upon the things that are written

18:1-2        No torment without end?

22:1-6        Moses transfigured

22:7-18      Moses tempted

23:3-6a      Counsel, miracles

24:1-4        Emma's call

26:1-3        Roll call of spiritual messengers

28:1-3, 6    Apocalyptic predictions

34:3-4, 6    Signs and wonders

36:6-8        The heavens weep

38:5-7        Becoming one, the endowment

42:4-8        Preaching by the Spirit, commandments

43:1-3        The prophet's successor

43:4-7        Teach by the Spirit, resurrection

45:1-4        The end of time

45:5-10      The end of time

45:11-15     The end of time

57:1           The Center Place

58:3,5        Supper of the nations, laws of the land

61:6c-e       I am in your midst

63:2-4        Seeking signs

64:2           Forgiveness

65:1           Prayer and the kingdom

76:1-2        The wonders of eternity

83:7-11      The work of the Holy Spirit

85:24-28     The end of time

85:29-35     The end of time

92:1-2a      Preparing for the endowment

94:3-4        A house unto the Lord

March 19, 2002

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