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The Book of Mormon is the story of three migrations of people that leave the lands of the Bible and travel to a new land. The Book of Ether, the next to the last book in the Book of Mormon, is an account of a group of people that leave the "Great Tower" at the confusion of languages and make their way in 8 boats to a new land. There the fortunes of their civilization rise and fall and their story comes to an end in civil war and strife.

Two more migrations of people leave ancient Israel around 600 BC. These two groups eventually unite. Most of the Book of Mormon deals with their story. Amid their political ups and down, especially the struggles and warfare between the "Nephites" and "Lamanites" (the two dominant socio-political groups), religious leaders arise to admonish the people. The teachings of these leaders is the heart of the spiritual message of the Book of Mormon.

The high point in the Book of Mormon is when Jesus Christ comes to visit these people in their new land. A Golden Age of peace and prosperity follows.

Eventually things deteriorate and the civilization withers and dies in fighting and turmoil.

Readings in the Book of Mormon

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March 19, 2004
Updated January 14, 2005

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